Thinking of Buying?

Let my Real Estate Experience from 1992 combined with my extensive knowledge of home construction from being a General Contractor and Flipping my own property's for many years. I'll get you through any home purchase challenges.  You will be content in the fact that I can help you understand what you are buying in detail, so you can make a smart decision.  A home is a mechanical thing like a car, wouldn't you rather have a salesperson on your side, who is a mechanic when you buy a car?  I know homes in mechanical detail and can advice you correctly so you don't make a mistake with this non-returnable purchase.  Many Realtors have great skills in real estate sales, but most have limited knowlege of construction. Make the right choice of Realtor, so you can make the right choice of which property to buy.  Call me or fill in the blanks below and we can get together for a free no obligation interview: Nick Lima       Text/Call 403-714-4833